Home: A bit about me

My first job was as a waitress-oh, sorry! I didn't mean to serve you prune juice instead of iced coffee! My second job was as a chambermaid. What is that thing left in the bed!!  (I could tell you stories.)

Then I was a visiting nurse, seeing crusty, fascinating old timers living in the pucker brush of rural Maine. Ayuh.

In Denver, I worked in a slamming, jamming forty bed ER before making the leap to becoming a  physician assistant. As a PA, I worked primarily in remote sites in Alaska. And now, after 36 years I'm retired from medicine feeding my passion to write.

When I'm not writing, I'm reading or gathering information for a new story. 

One way is by traveling and I've been fortunate to have seen a good number of places. My favorite is on safari in Kenya and Tanzania.  The wildness speaks to my soul. 

When I'm  home in Colorado I putter in my garden coaxing life from seeds. It's like fishing. Sometimes you get the prize, sometimes not.
 Vermiculture is my way to compost and promote organic garden soil with worms. 

I admit to quitting  jobs and sailing away. The first time my son was nine when we cruised from Maine to Florida and then on to the Bahamas. This was before GPS, which makes me feel rather old. The other times I lived aboard a boat always included the Bahamas. Part of me still longs to be out there, sailing under the stars.


As a  lifer dieter I've now rejected the throw-a- prescription at it mentality.  I'm focusing on eating only clean, non-processed food  to improve my health. I follow a low carb, high fat, moderate protein, ketogenic diet.  I shun all grains  and sugars. My friends might roll their eyes, but  my weight is slowly dropping and my asthma is in remission. So I say, go ahead let those eyes roll!  This is working for me.