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"A Civil Body" --Historical Fiction

 A Civil Body by Jennifer S Morris

 A 17th century serving girl, Bess, is first a spy, then a prisoner, and finally an immigrant who accompanies the pious Brewsters to America. 
  On the Mayflower the discord between religious Separatists and ordinary Englishmen nearly causes a mutiny.Fear of hell is the least of their troubles. 
  Unless the polarized sides unite and work together, the new colony will surely fail. And the price for failing will be paid for with lives.
On the ship Bess makes a friend. A woman who work for Mr. Hopkins, an ordinary Englishman. Her new friend has been accused of witchcraft. 
  The man Bess loves stubbornly persists in seeing her as a dear friend- not a future wife.
  Despite all odds, of trickery, deceit, greed, storms, hunger, disease, and Indian attack, the 'pilgrims' eventually compromise and work together. Their never-give-up attitude turns a colony of 54 survivors into today's 35 million descendants.

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